Water You Doing This Weekend?

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Mission Bay Sport Center – 

Sail, paddle or cruise your way around Mission Bay at Mission Bay Sportcenter, a  one stop shop for summer fun. MBSC has everything you could possibly think of and more to enjoy the San Diego sun. Paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, pedal boards, pontoon boats and sailboats galore line the shorelines of Mission Bay waiting for their next rider. But what we’re really here to talk about is their jetboards! Fly high (20ft to be exact) over the bay on one of their jetboards or jetpacks for a whole new water experience. The Lifestyles team  took them for a spin – watch here! So whether you’re looking for a relaxing paddle ride or an electrifying experience, Mission Bay Sports Center is the place to go for a day out on the bay! (@mission_bay_sportcenter)

HydroBikes SD – 

Cruisin’ the beach by bike is by far the best way to get around San Diego. Wind in your hair, cool ocean breeze and sun shining down on you… But what if there was a way to enjoy the best parts of a bike ride out on the water? Well, at HydroBikes SD, there is! Partnering with Aqua Adventures and located on the opposite side of the bay, HydroBikes SD is the ONLY place to find hydro bikes in the whole city. With pontoons on either side, it’s impossible to tip over or sink; so if your eight or 80, it’s fun and safe for all! (Not to mention a great workout) They say you should try something new everyday, why not ride a hydro bike?! (@hydrobikessd)

The Patriot –

From sunset cruises and champagne brunches to Coronado ferry rides and Harbor Tours, Flagship Cruises offers a plethora of boating activities. But there’s one boat in particular that stands out from the rest… Let us introduce you to, The Patriot. This jet boat takes you on a 30 minute thrill ride through the harbor. Speeding upwards of 50 mph, carving 360-degree turns with scenic views of Downtown San Diego all around. You won’t find an exhilarating ride like this anywhere else. So head down to the Embarcadero and hop aboard if you’re feeling a little extra patriotic. (@flagshipsd)

The Seabreacher – 

Okay, we’ve saved the best for last. What’s black, white and… jumps 20 ft in the air? The Seabreacher! This is a two-person semi-submersible watercraft that can reach speeds up to 55 mph on the surface. Crazy, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. This wild ride dives 5ft under and soars 20ft up out of the water! HydroXtreme Watersports is the only company in the entire country to offer a ride like this. Their custom design is hard to miss, shaped like sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures. Ride with one of their certified Seabreacher pilots for the ultimate water adventure. To see what these one of a kind water-crafts look like in action, watch our segment here! (@hydroxtreme)


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